Hello! My name is John "Wordsplayed" Itiola and this is my website. This is a place where you can see all the cool stuff I'm working on. Please check out my projects called "LFL1" and "LFL2" below. In addition to music we have some clips of my live performances on our variety show "LO-FIDELITY NIGHTS UNCUT" and "THE LO-FIDELITY HOUR". Lastly, feel free to buy a shirt (or two) at my 'STORE' and buy a ticket (or three) to see me perform live in the 'Tour' section. Thanks for reading this and enjoy!


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Click below to watch "LO-FIDELITY NIGHTS UNCUT" and listen to the OFFICIAL LFL2 AUDIO.


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Click below to watch "THE LO-FIDELITY HOUR" and sing along with the OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEOS.




Buy a shirt (or two) at our OFFICIAL STOREFRONT!.